Free Bird

Our quant, cottage kitchen that we will never get over!

This kitchen and mudroom renovation easily became one of our most favorite projects that we had the opportunity to work on to date. Not only did this new designed space provide a transformation in functionality, but intentional details can be seen from every angle.

Stay tuned for more on our lovely cottage kitchen!

Bye Bye Love

Working on this Mid-Century renovation will always be one of our favorite projects to look back on! This 1950’s home needed a complete revamp and new layout that would bring the kitchen more central to the home, which took a lot of initial design planning. Our client’s made this project fantastic to be a part of, as they were fully on board with the design process + wanting to honor the home’s original era. We provided them with our full design package from start to finish, which included floor plans, cabinetry design, material selections, site management, + furniture selections.

What a Wonderful World

We are thrilled to be a part of this beautiful kitchen remodel for this already stunning home. With scenic views surrounding the property, we hoped to achieve a kitchen that had an effortless, yet grand presence that could be appreciated from any direction. Paired with a timeless layout, we hope for our clients to enjoy many memories in this special space!

All The Small Things

The moment we were introduced to this project we were so excited about the possibilities. We wanted to create a lighter feel for this kitchen, while incorporating deeper tones to anchor it to existing characteristics in the rest of the home.

From concept to completion, this project had clear design goals and our clients were fantastic on trusting us through the process.

Take On Me

Our showroom space from 2019-2022. Working alongside a commercial office, we designed a fully-custom space for a shared work space.